Repertory Guide--Violin

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Wilkins, Wayne 1974 supplement to The index of violin music (strings) (1973) and The index of violin music (winds) (1974) : including the index of baroque trio sonatas 1975? Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Landsman, Jerome Annotated catalogue of American violin music composed between 1947-1961 1968 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Klugherz, Laura A bibliographical guide to Spanish music for the violin and viola, 1900-1997 1998 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Nardilillo, Jo The canon of violin literature : a performer's resource 2011 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Feinland, Alexander The combination of violin and violoncello without accompaniment 1947 Repertory Guide--Violin
Repertory Guide--Violoncello
Grünberg, Max Führer durch die Literatur der Streichinstrumente (Violine, Viola, Violoncello) : kritisches, progressiv geordnetes Repertorium von instruktiven Solo- und Ensemble-Werken : mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer Nützlichkeit für den Unterricht : nebst einem kurzen bibliographischen Anhang 1913 Repertory Guide--Violin
Repertory Guide--Viola
Book; eBook
Baudet-Maget, A. Guide du violoniste : oeuvres choisies pour violon ainsi que pour alto et musique de chambre, classées d'après leur degré de difficulté 19--? Repertory Guide--Violin Book; eBook
Shand, Patricia Martin A guide to published Canadian violin music suitable for student performers 1993 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Wilkins, Wayne The index of violin music 1973? Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Wilkins, Wayne The index of violin music (winds), including The index of baroque trio sonatas 1973 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Pedigo, Alan International encyclopedia of violin-keyboard sonatas and composer biographies c1995 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Edlund, Harry
Marcan, Peter
Music for solo violin unaccompanied : a catalogue of published and unpublished works from the seventeenth century to 1989 1989 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Letz, Hans Music for the violin and viola 1948 Repertory Guide--Violin
Repertory Guide--Viola
Heim, Ernst Neuer Führer durch die Violin-Litteratur : ein zur Erleichterung für Lehrende und Lernende in Schwierigkeitsgrade eingeteiltes, mit kurzen Besprechungen versehenes Verzeichnis der gesamten Violin-Litteratur, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der für den Unterricht nützlichen Werke 190-? Repertory Guide--Violin Book; eBook
Farish, Margaret K. Preliminary manuscript of violin music in print 1963 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Wilkins, Wayne Supplement to The index of violin music 1973 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Smith, James E. Using orchestral excerpts as study material for violin : a progressively graded survey, performance problems of each excerpt noted 1966 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Loft, Abram Violin and keyboard : the duo repertoire 1973 Repertory Guide--Violin
Repertory Guide--Keyboard
Iotti, Oscar Raoul Violin and violoncello in duo without accompaniment 1972 Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Gundling, Dorothy H. Violin syllabus c1969 Repertory Guide--Violin Book