Music History

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Dufourcq, Norbert La musique, les hommes, les instruments, les oeuvres 1965 Music History Book
Einstein, Alfred Music in the Romantic Era 1947 Music History Book
Fineberg, Joshua Classical music, why bother? : hearing the world of contemporary culture through a composer's ears 2006 Music History Book
Gentry, Linnell A history and encyclopedia of country, western, and gospel music 1961 Music History Book
Gusikoff, Lynne Guide to musical America 1984 Music History Book
Longyear, Rey M. (Rey Morgan) Nineteenth-century romanticism in music 1988 Music History Book
Malm, William P. Music cultures of the Pacific, the Near East, and Asia 1967 Music History Book
Massin, Brigitte
Massin, Jean
Histoire de la musique occidentale c1983 Music History Book
Denizeau, Gérard Les genres musicaux : vers une nouvelle histoire de la musique c2005 Music History Book
Pauly, Reinhard G. Music in the classic period 1965 Music History Book
Rubin, Emanuel
Baron, John H.
Music in Jewish History and Culture c2006 Music History Book
Riemann, Hugo
Einstein, Alfred
Handbuch der Musikgeschichte 1923; 1972 Music History Book
Roland-Manuel Histoire de la musique 1960 Music History Book
Rosen, Charles The classical style : Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven 1971 Music History Book
Sachs, Curt The rise of music in the ancient world, east and west 1943 Music History Book
Sadie, Julie Anne Companion to Baroque music 1991 Music History Book
Samson, Jim The Cambridge history of nineteenth-century music c2002 Music History Book
Strunk, W. Oliver (William Oliver) Source readings in music history from classical antiquity through the romantic era 1950 Music History Book
Taruskin, Richard The Oxford history of Western music 2005 Music History Book
Yoell, John H. The Nordic sound; explorations into the music of Denmark, Norway, Sweden 1974 Music History Book
Collaer, Paul Historical atlas of music; a comprehensive study of the world's music, past and present 1968 Music History Book
Stanley, John Classical music : the great composers and their masterworks 2007 Music History Book
Darling, Robert The Guinness Book of Recorded Sound 1984 Music History Book
Amis, John Words about music : an anthology 1989 Music History Book
Hirt, Franz Josef Meisterwerke des Klavierbaus : Geschichte der Saitenklaviere von 1440 bis 1880 1955 Music History Book
Kanahele, George S. Hawaiian music and musicians : an illustrated history 1979 Music History Book
Kaufman, Charles H. Music in New Jersey, 1655-1860 : a study of musical activity and musicians in New Jersey from its first settlement to the Civil War 1981 Music History Book
Krebs, Stanley Dale Soviet composers and the development of Soviet music 1970 Music History Book
Leonard, Richard Anthony A history of Russian music 1957 Music History Book
Moldenhauer, Hans Duo-pianism : a dissertation c1950 Music History Book
Palmer, Russell British music 1947 Music History Book
Reese, Gustave Fourscore classics of music literature; a guide to selected original sources on theory and other writings on music not available in English 1957 Music History Book
Hammond, John
Townsend, Irving
John Hammond on record : an autobiography 1977 Music History Book
Klein, Hermann
Moran, William R.
Herman Klein and the gramophone : being a series of essays on the Bel canto (1923), the Gramophone and the Singer (1924-1934), and reviews of new classical vocal recordings (1925-1934), and other writings from the Gramophone 1990 Music History Book
Marlboro Music School and Festival Marlboro music, 1951-1991 1992 Music History Book
Damerini, Adelmo
Schlitzer, Franco
Musicisti toscani 1955 Music History Book
Bolongaro-Crevenna, Hubertus L'Arpa Festante : Die Münchner Oper 1651-1825; von den Anfängen bis zum "Freyschützen" 1963 Music History Book
Dreißig Jahre Deutsche Oper Berlin : 1961 - 1991 1992 Music History Book
Gamberini, Leopoldo La vita musicale europea del 1800 : Archivio Musicale Genovese 1978-89 Music History Book
Bawr, Alexandrine Sophie, baronne de Goury de Champgrand, 1773-1860 Histoire de la musique 1823 Music History Book; eBook
Schreiber, Max Kirchenmusik von 1500-1600 : Originaldrucke und Manuskripte chronologisch Ausammengestellt 1932 Music History Book
Pekkilä, Erkki
Neumeyer, David
Littlefield, Richard
Music, meaning and media 2006 Music History Book
Ambros, August Wilhelm Geschichte der Musik 1862-1882 Music History Book; eBook
Ambros, August Wilhelm Geschichte der Musik 1909-1911 Music History Book; eBook
Andries, Jean Jacques Précis de l'histoire de la musique : depuis les temps les plus reculés, suivi de notices sur un grand nombre d'écrivains didactiques et théoriciens de l'art musical 1862 Music History Book; eBook
Bellaigue, Camille Les epoques de la musique 1909 Music History Book; eBook
Brendel, Franz Geschichte der Musik in Italien, Deutschland und Frankreich. Von den ersten christlichen Zeiten bis auf die Gegenwart. Funfundzwanzig vorlesungen gehalten zu Leipzig von Franz Brendel. 1860 Music History Book; eBook
Burney, Charles A general history of music : from the earliest ages to the present period : to which is prefixed, a dissertation on the music of the ancients 1776-1789 Music History Book; eBook
Clément, Félix Histoire de la musique : depuis les temps anciens jusqu'a nos jours ; ouvrage contentant 359 gravures repr'esentant les instruments de musique chez les divers peuples et a toutes les 'epoques ; 68 portraits d'artistes remarquables ... 1885 Music History Book; eBook
Collin, Laure Histoire abrégée de la musique et des musiciens 1891 Music History Book; eBook