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Rajagopalan, N.
Ramamurthi, B.
The eloquent garland : a classical dictionary of composers & musicians 2008 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Jasinski, Laurie E. The handbook of Texas music 2012 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Renton, Barbara Hampton
Block, Adrienne Fried
Bowman, Judith A.
Poulin, Pamela L.
The status of women in college music, 1976-77 1980 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Vaché, Warren W. The unsung songwriters : America's masters of melodies 2000 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
O'Dair, Barbara Trouble girls : the Rolling Stone book of women in rock 1997 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Hickman, David
Laplace, Michel, editor
Tarr, Edward H., editor
Trumpet greats : a biographical dictionary 2013 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Havranek, Carrie Women icons of popular music : the rebels, rockers, and renegades 2009 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Gusin, Izrail' Lazarevič Краткий биографический словарь композиторов. 1. Классики русской и зарубежной музыки и современные зарубежные композиторы (Brief biographical dictionary of composers. 1 Classics of Russian and foreign music and modern foreign composers) 1967 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Pulver, Jeffrey A biographical dictionary of old English music 1973 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Schweizer Komponisten unserer Zeit : Biographien, Werkverzeichnisse mit Diskographie und Bibliographie = Compositeurs suisses de notre temps : biographies, catalogues d'oeuvres avec discographie et bibliographie = Swiss contemporary composers : biographies, list of works with discographies and bibliographies 1993 Music Research Bibliography
Studwell, William E., ed. Minor ballet composers : biographical sketches of sixty-six underappreciated yet significant contributors to the body of western ballet music 1997 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical
Studwell, William E. The complex web of composition : American popular songwriting teams of the 20th century 1996 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical
Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Popular Music
Breitner, Karin
Theiner, Lieselotte
Vogel, Lucia
Beiträge zur österreichischen Musik der Gegenwart : Dokumente zu Leben und Werk zeitgenössischer Komponisten 1992 Music Research Bibliography
Manén, Juan Diccionario de celebridades musicales 1973 Music Research Bibliography
Quarry, W. Edmond Dictionary of musical compositions and composers, with a copious bibliography 1920 Music Research Bibliography
Gerber, Ernst Ludwig Historisch-biographisches Lexikon der Tonkünstler (1790-1792) / mit den in den Jahren 1792 bis 1834 veroffentlichen Erganzungen sowie der Erstveroffentlichung handschriftlicher Berichtigungen und Nachtrage / Ernst Ludwig eber 1977 Music Research Bibliography
Cramer, Alfred William Musicians & composers of the 20th century 2009 Music Research Bibliography
Pitoni, G. O.
Ruini, Cesarino
Notitia de' contrapuntisti e compositori di musica 1988 Music Research Bibliography
Frei, Herbert Schweizer Märsche, Schweizer Marschkomponisten : ein Lexikon 1988 Music Research Bibliography
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers The ASCAP biographical dictionary of composers, authors, and publishers 1952 Music Research Bibliography
Rijavec, Andrej Twentieth century Slovene composers = Slowenische Komponisten des 20. Jahrhunderts 1975 Music Research Bibliography
Perry, Frank Afro-American vocal music : a select guide to fifteen composers 1991 Music Research Bibliography
Laplante, Louise Compositeurs canadiens contemporains 1977 Music Research Bibliography
Braun, Joseph Liturgisches Handlexikon 1924 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Church Music Book
Lövgren, Oscar Psalm-och sånglexikon 1964 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Church Music Book
Portal Guaraní Portal Guaraní - artes visuales en el Paraguay - literatura, historia y investigación del Paraguay - arte y cultura - esculturas - fotografias - artes paraguayas 2015 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Website
Portugues Music Research & Information Centre Portugues music research & information centre 2010 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical
Associació Catalana de Compositors Associació Catalana de Compositors = Asociación Catalan de Compositores = Catalan Composers' Association 2009 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical
Music Scores Index-Catalogue
McCloud, Barry Definitive country : the ultimate encyclopedia of country music and its performers 1995 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Country Music Book
Byworth, Tony
Clement, Jack
The Billboard illustrated encyclopedia of country music 2007 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Country Music Book
Cackett, Alan
Foege, Alec
The Harmony illustrated encyclopedia of country music 1994 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Country Music Book
Vaughan, Andrew Who's who in new country music 1989 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Country Music Book
Černušák, Gracian
Štědroň, Bohumír
Nováček, Zdeněk, editor
Československý hudební slovník osob a institucí 1963-1965 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Czechoslovakia Book
Terry, Walter Ballet guide : background, listings, credits, and descriptions of more than five hundred of the world's major ballets 1976 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Dance Book
Ricart Matas, J. Refranero internacional de la música y de la danza 1950 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General
Liebman, Roy Musical groups in the movies, 1929-1970 2009 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical
Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Film Music
Bradley, Lee A lexical companion to the hymns of the sacred harp 2005 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Folk Music Book
Hood, Phil Artists of American folk music : the legends of traditional folk, the stars of the sixties, the virtuosi of new acoustic music 1986 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Folk Music Book
Schmitt, Michel Dictionnaire des compositeurs francophones pour orchestres à vent 2002 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--France Book
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
Waring, William, translator
A complete dictionary of music : consisting of a copious explanation of all words necessary to a true knowledge and understanding of music 1975 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Moore, John Weeks A dictionary of musical information ; containing also a vocabulary of musical terms, and a list of modern musical works published in the United States from 1640 to 1875 1971 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Sadie, Stanley Classical music encyclopedia 2003 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Honegger, Marc Connaissance de la musique 1996 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Bekker, Leander Jan De De Bekker's music & musicians ; an encyclopædic dictionary of terms and biographies 1925 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Candé, Roland de Diccionari de la música 2003 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Gorina, Manuel Valls Diccionario de la música 1989 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Poblete Varas, Carlos Diccionario de la música 1972 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Torrellas, A. Albert Diccionario enciclopédico de la música 1947-1952 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book
Ameln, Konrad Das deutsche Kirchenlied, DKL : kritische Gesamtausgabe der Melodien 1975-80 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Church Music Book
Tubeuf, André
Bouldouyre, Alain
Dictionnaire amoureux de la musique 2012 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--General Book