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배 연형.
Pae, Yŏn-hyŏng.
한국 음반 아카이브 연구단.
한국 유성기 음반 2011 Discography--South Korea Book
Whitburn, Joel. #1 album pix : pop, 3/24/45-3/13/04, R&B, 1/30/65-3/13/04, country, 1/11/64-3/13/04 c2004 Discography--Country Music
Discography--Popular Music
Gusin, Izrail' Lazarevič Краткий биографический словарь композиторов. 1. Классики русской и зарубежной музыки и современные зарубежные композиторы (Brief biographical dictionary of composers. 1 Classics of Russian and foreign music and modern foreign composers) 1967 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Whitburn, Joel. #1 pop pix, 1953-2003 c2003 Discography--Popular Music Book
Hunt, John, 1938- 3 Italian conductors, 7 'Viennese' sopranos : discographies 1991 Discography--Performer Book
Bruce, David 2001- Internet Portal
Music Collection Online
Beltrando, Sylvie
Le Du, Corinne
10 ans avec la harpe : catalogue raisonne propose par c1996 Repertory Guide--Harp Book
Collot, Serge
Hadjaje, Paul
Vasseur, Jean-Philippe
Toutain, Sabine
10 ans avec l'alto : catalogue raisonné 1995 Printing Repertory Guide--Viola Book
Library of Congress 10th-16th century liturgical chants Music Collection Online Website
Fuld, James J. 18th-century American secular music manuscripts : an inventory 1980 Repertory Guide Book
Weichlein, William J. 19th century American music periodicals on microfilm : the guide 1987? Periodical Index Book
Music Library–University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 19th-century American sheet music Music Collection Online Website
Duggan, Mary Kay 19th-Century California sheet music 2002 Music Collection Catalogue Website
Duggan, Mary Kay 19th-Century California sheet music Repertory Guide Website
Rona, Mustafa 20. yüzyil Türk musikisi ; bestekarlari ve besteleri güftelerile 1970 Music Research Bibliography
Arnold, Bob. The 20's : program notes for a random, chronological collection of popular music of the 1920s as it was recorded at that time 1980 Discography--Popular Music Book
Pirie, Peter J. 20th century British music : a collector's guide 1980 Discography--Great Britain Book
Gleason, Harold
Becker, Warren
20th-century American composers c1980 Music History Book
Alburger, Mark 21st-century music 2000-2013 Electronic Journal Website
Lindenmaier, H. Lukas. 25 years of fish horn recording : the Steve Lacy discography, 1954/79 1982 Discography--Performer
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers 30 years of motion picture music : the big Hollywood hit tunes since 1928 1960 Discography--Film and Television Book
Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein 40 contemporary Swiss composers 1956 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. 40 years of show tunes : the big Broadway hits from 1917-1957. 1959? Discography--Musical Theater Book
DeClark, Dan 45 RPM records of Ohio River Valley c2001-2019; last modified 03-04-2019 Discography Website
Eggebrecht, Hans Heinrich 50 Jahrgänge Archiv für Musikwissenschaft : mit einem Register zu den Bänden 1 (1919)-50 (1993) 1994 Music Research Bibliography Book
Osborne, Jerry
Hamilton, Bruce
55 years of recorded country/western music 1976 Discography--Price Guide Book
Bunge, Sas
Schoute, Rutger
60 years of Dutch chamber music. 60 annees de musique de chambre neerlandaise. 60 Jahre niederlaendische Kammermusik. [1913-1973] 1974 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Bruyninckx, Walter 60 years of recorded jazz, 1917-1977 1980 Discography--Jazz Book
Bruyninckx, Walter 70 years of recorded jazz : 1917-1987 1987 Discography--Jazz Book
Soderbergh, Peter A. 78 RPM records & prices c1977 Discography--Price Guide Book
Great 78 Project 78 RPMs and cylinder recordings Music Collection Online Website
Herzenstiel, Gary The 78rpm record home page 1994 Discography
Internet Portal
University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries 78-rpm recordings collection Discography--Performer Website
80 years of American song hits, 1892-1972 : a comprehensive yearly reference book listing America's major hit songs and their writers c1973 Repertory Guide Book
Bruyninckx, Walter.
Truffandier, Domi.
85 years of recorded jazz [electronic resource] : A-Z complete : (1897), 1917-2002 [2003?] Discography--Jazz Book; CD-ROM
Bruyninckx, Walter
Bruyninckx, L. (Lucien)
Truffandier, Domi
97 years of recorded jazz & blues (1917-2014) : (prejazz 1897-1917) : A to Z complete [2015?] Discography--Jazz
Interalliierten Musik-Leihbibliothek, Berlin 98 Amerikanische Komponisten und ihre Werke in der Interalliierten Musik-Leihbibliothek 1947 Music Collection Catalogue Book
I͡Evtushenko, O. M.
Zelenyĭ, I͡Urko.
100 alʹbomiv z Ukraïny : [vybrana dyskohrafii͡a 2003 Discography--Popular Music
Smith, Chris, 1968- 100 albums that changed popular music : a reference guide 2007 Discography--Popular Music Book
Câmara, Renato Phaelante da. 100 anos de Frevo : catálogo discográfico 2007 Discography--Brazil Book
Brunschwig, Chantal 100 ans de chanson française 1972 Repertory Guide Book
Alves, Alexandre 100 discos do rock potiguar : para escutar sem precisar morrer [2016] Discography--Rock
Guegold, William K. 100 years of Olympic music : music and musicians of the modern Olympic Games, 1896-1996 1996 Repertory Guide--Vocal Music
Smith, Chris 101 Albums that changed popular music 2009 Discography--Popular Music Book
Osbeck, Kenneth W. 101 more hymn stories 1985 Synopses and Analyses--Church Music Book
RCA-Victor Company 101 musical masterpieces everybody ought to know ©1933 Discography--Classical Book
Balanchine, George
Mason, Francis
101 stories of the great ballets 1975 Synopses and Analyses--Ballet Book
Londeix, Jean-Marie 125 ans de musique pour saxophone : répertoire général des oeuvres et des ouvrages d'enseignement pour le saxophone. 125 years of music for saxophone; general repertory of pieces and educational literature for the saxophone 1971 Repertory Guide Book
Londeix, Jean-Marie
Ronkin, Bruce
150 years of music for saxophone : bibliographical index of music and educational literature for saxophone, 1844-1994 = 150 ans de musique pour saxophone : répertoire général des oeuvres et des ouvrages d'enseignement pour le saxophone, 1844-1994 1994 Music Research Bibliography
Repertory Guide--Saxophone
Lesende, Tito
Neira, Fernando.
201 discos para engancharse al pop/rock español 2007 Discography--Rock
Discography--Popular Music