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Marx, Eva
Haas, Gerlinde
210 Österreichische Komponistinnen vom 16. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart : Biographie, Werk und Bibliographie : ein Lexikon c2001 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Société des amis et descendants d'Ulric Voyer 220 e-libretti and more : collection Ulrich Voyer 1999 Libretti Catalogue
Internet Portal
Website (Archived)
Gavin, Charles
Souza, Tárik de
Rodrigues, Caetano
300 discos importantes da música brasileira 2008? Discography--Brazil Book
Siliakus, H.J. 500 German musical terms and their English translations, together with 500 useful phrases 1968 Dictionary Musical Terminology Book
Levy, Joe The 500 greatest albums of all time 2005 Discography--Rock Book
Sulpy, Doug. The 910's guide to the Beatles' outtakes c1995 Discography--Performer
Sulpy, Doug.
Madinger, Chip.
The 910's guide to the solo Beatles' outtakes c1996 Discography--Performer
Houben, Jean-François 1000 compositeurs de cinéma : dictionnaire 2002 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Gregory, Hugh 1000 great guitarists 1994 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Dimery, Robert. 1001 albums you must hear before you die 2006 Discography--Popular Music Book
Dimery, Robert. 1001 albums you must hear before you die 2005 Discography--Popular Music Book
Rye, Matthew. 1001 classical recordings you must hear before you die 2008; c2007 Discography--Popular Music Book
Creswell, Toby 1001 songs : the great songs of all time and the artists, stories and secrets behind them 2006 Repertory Guide--Vocal Music Book
Compagnie française du phonographe Edison. 1906 catalogue des cylindres enregistrés par la compagnie française du phonographe Edison : phonographes cylindres moulés Edison, les seuls authentiques [200-?] Discography--Label
Victor Talking Machine Company 1925 catalog of Victor records : with biographical sketches, opera plots, new portraits and special red seal section c1925 Discography--Label Book
Carl Gregor, Duke of Mecklenburg 1970 supplement to international jazz bibliography and international drum and percussion bibliography 1971 Music Research Bibliography--Jazz Book
Wilkins, Wayne 1974 supplement to The index of violin music (strings) (1973) and The index of violin music (winds) (1974) : including the index of baroque trio sonatas 1975? Repertory Guide--Violin Book
Reed, James W. 1986 price guide for original cast records c1985 Discography--Price Guide
Discography--Musical Theater
Young, Phillip T. 4900 historical woodwind instruments : an inventory of 200 makers in international collections 1994 Music Research Bibliography--Musical Instruments Book
Adams, John S. 5000 musical terms : a complete dictionary of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, French, German, Spanish, English, and other such other words, phrases, abbreviations, and signs 1851 Dictionary Musical Terminology Book; eBook
Vogg, Herbert 1876-1976, 100 Jahre Musikverlag Doblinger 1976 Music Scores Index-Catalogue Book
Docks, L. R., 1942- 1900-1965 American premium record guide : 78's, 45's and LP's : identification and values c1992 Discography--Price Guide Book
Docks, L. R. 1915-1965 American premium record guide : 78's, 45's and LP's : identification and values c1986 Discography--Price Guide Book
Docks, L. R., 1942- 1915-1965 American premium record guide : identification and values : 78's, 45's and LP's c1980 Discography--Price Guide Book
Docks, L. R., 1942- 1915-1965 American premium record guide : identification and values : 78's, 45's and LP's c1982 Discography--Price Guide Book
Startsev, Ivan Ivanovich
Upenskaya, Sofia L'vovna
Советская литература о музыке, 1918-1947. Библиографический указатель книг. Редактор С. Л. Успенская (Soviet literature on music, 1918-1947 ; bibliographic index of books, editor SL Assumption) 1963 Music Research Bibliography Book
अजातशत्रु एक मशाल आज़ादी के तरानों की : 1933-1947 तक अखण्ड भारत की 2015 Discography--Popular Music
Discography--Film Music
Бурлака, Андрей (Burlaka, Andrew) Рок-энциклопедия : популярная музыка в Ленинграде - Петербурге 1965-2005 (Rock encyclopedia : popular music in Leningrad - St. Petersburg 1965-2005) 2007 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Rock Music Book
Carl Gregor, Duke of Mecklenburg 1971/72/73 supplement to international jazz bibliography (IJB) & selective bibliography of some jazz background literature & bibliography of two subjects previously excluded 1975 Repertory Guide--Jazz Book
Wilkins, Wayne 1976-1977 supplement to The index of bassoon music 1976 Repertory Guide--Bassoon Book
Taylor, Steve The A to X of alternative music c2004 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Popular Music Book
Ammer, Christine The A to Z of foreign musical terms : from adagio to zierlich : a dictionary for performers and students : the English equivalents of 3,000 foreign expression marks from French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish scores 1989 Dictionary Musical Terminology Book
Syracuse University, Audio Archives The A to Z of musical history : partial catalog of the Bell collection, Syracuse University, Audio Archives : popular music, folk songs, political and theatrical celebrities 1969 Discography--Label Book
Cornell University. Libraries. Aaron Copland : a bibliography of his works in Cornell University Libraries 1971 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Skowronski, JoAnn Aaron Copland : a bio-bibliography c1985 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Aaron Copland : a complete catalogue of his works 1960 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Robertson, Marta Aaron Copland : a guide to research 2001 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Library of Congress The Aaron Copland collection Music Collection Online Website
Queens College Music Library Aaron Copland school of music : past, present, and future 2010 Music Collection Online Website
Shuster, Lawrence, editor
Goldberg, Daniel, editor
Leante, Laura, editor
Mukherji, Somangshu, editor
Romero, Brenda, editor
AAWM - analytical approaches to world music journal 2011-2018 Electronic Journal Website
Matthey, Jean-Louis Abbé Joseph Bovet : catalogue des oevres 1985 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography Book
Elvers, Erwin.
Bielderman, Gerard.
Abbi Hübner discography 2003 Discography--Performer
Abbie Betinis Music Company Abbie Betinis, composer c2011 Composer Thematic Catalogue-Bibliography
Composer Website
Hoogen, Eckhardt van den ABC der klassischen Musik : die grossen Komponisten und ihre Werke 2002 Encyclopedia-Dictionary--Biographical Book
Rasmussen, Lars Abdullah Ibrahim : a discography 2000 Discography--Performer
Schaal, Richard Abkürzungen in der Musik-Terminologie. Eine Ubersicht 1969 Dictionary Musical Terminology Book
Library and Archives Canada Aboriginal sound recordings : music and song 2011 Discography Website (Archived)
Adler, Israel The Abraham Zvi Idelsohn memorial volume 1986 Performer Bibliography Book
Kothe, Bernhard Abriss der allgemeinen Musikgeschichte 1929 Music History Book
Berky, John F. 2019 Discography--Composer
Composer Website