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McCain, Claudia Music business information resources 2002 Music Research Bibliography
Music Librarianship
Music Industry
Goldenberg, David Assessing, insuring, and disposing of jazz record collections c1990 Music Librarianship
Music Industry
Fenske, David A core literature for music bibliography 1993 Music Librarianship Article
Bayne, Pauline Shaw A guide to library research in music 2008 Music Librarianship Book
Koth, Michelle S. A handbook of examples for use in authority records created by the NACO Music Project 1995 Music Librarianship Book
Ward, Alan A manual of sound archive administration c1990 Music Librarianship Book
Koehler, William A music professor views music libraries 1992 Music Librarianship Article
Hunter, Ben A new breed of musicians : the information-seeking needs and behaviors of composers of electroacoustic music 2006 Music Librarianship Article
Byrne, Frank P. A practical guide to the music library : its function, organization & maintenance 1987 Music Librarianship Book
Pope, Janice A selected annotated bibliography of the literature of music librarianship 1992 Music Librarianship Dissertation
Bellman, Jonathan A short guide to writing about music 2007 Music Librarianship Book
Bellman, Jonathan A short guide to writing about music 2000 Music Librarianship Book
Weber, Lynne Access plus security : compact disc classification and packaging at Minnesota State University, Mankato 2005 Music Librarianship Article
Haupt Jon All this and tenure too? The recent graduate's perspective 2007 Music Librarianship Article
Hooper, Lisa And we're back! Experiences in quickly building a robust sound recording collection 2012 Music Librarianship Article
Saheb-Ettaba, Caroline ANSCR ; the Alpha-numeric system for classification of recordings 1969 Music Librarianship Book
Hahn, Michelle As advertised : a preliminary look at compiling and comparing title lists from music article indexes 2008 Music Librarianship Article
Farrington, Jim Audio and video equipment basics for libraries 2006 Music Librarianship Book
Jessee, Gordon Ellyson Authority control : a study of the concept and its implementation using an automated indexing system 1980 Music Librarianship Dissertation
Fling, R. Michael Automated formatting of music bibliographic records 1993 Music Librarianship Article
Hunter, Michael Rolland Automated identification of melodic variants in folk music 1979 Music Librarianship Dissertation
Green, Alan
Duffy, Michael J.
Basic music reference : a guide for non-specialist librarians, library assistants, and student employees 2013 Music Librarianship Book
Marley, Judith L. Bibliographic and user instruction within music libraries : an overview of teaching methodologies 1998 Music Librarianship Article
Studwell, William E. Book reviewing in music : an art or an axe? 1996 Music Librarianship Article
Hursh, David Calling all academic music library reference desks 2004 Music Librarianship Article
Newcomer, Nara L.
Hursh, David
Calling all academic music library reference desks : a follow-up study 2008 Music Librarianship Article
Phinney, Scott Can't I just listen to that online? Evaluating electronic access to audio for music libraries 2005 Music Librarianship Article
King, David M. Catalog user search strategies in finding music materials 2005 Music Librarianship Article
Weitz, Jay
Sheehy, Matthew
Cataloger's judgment : music cataloging questions and answers from the Music OCLC Users Group newsletter 2004 Music Librarianship Book
Smiraglia, Richard P.
Swanson, Edward
Cataloging music : a manual for use with AACR 2 1986 Music Librarianship Book
Bratcher, Perry Cataloging music : the non-musician's perspective 1993 Music Librarianship Article
Usher, Caroline Payson Cataloging musical iconography : a critique and evaluation of the R'epertoire internationale d'iconographie musicale 1990 Music Librarianship Dissertation
Daily, Jay Elwood Cataloging phonorecordings : problems and possibilities 1975 Music Librarianship Book
Holzberlein, Deanne Cataloging sound recordings : a manual with examples c1988 Music Librarianship Book
McTyre, Ruthann Change : how a veteran music librarian keeps up 2007 Music Librarianship Article
Library of Congress. Subject Cataloging Division
Gale Research Company
Classification. Class M. Music and books on music 1978 Music Librarianship Book
Brook, Barry S. Composer sources and resources 1995 Music Librarianship Article
Troutman, Leslie Comprehensiveness of indexing in three music periodical index databases 2001 Music Librarianship Article
Freeborn, Robert Confronting the dark side of the beat : a guide to creating a heavy metal music collection 2002 Music Librarianship Article
Sistrunk, Wendy A. Dating LPs 2004 Music Librarianship Article
Lazar, Lisa A. Desire to listen : one learning management system-based solution to providing copyright compliant streaming audio reserves 2012 Music Librarianship Article
Gray, Michael Discography : discipline and musical ally 1993 Music Librarianship Article
Grimsley, Reagan L. Discovering blind Tom Wiggins : creating digital access to original sheet music at the Columbus State University Archives 2006 Music Librarianship Article
Dougan, Kirstin Dissertations in the electronic age : tapping into emerging musicology research 2011 Music Librarianship Article
Tangari, Nicola Documentazione musicale e informatica : esempi di applicazione 2005 Music Librarianship Book
Heckmann, Herald Elektronische Datenverarbeitung in der Musikwissenschaft 1967 Music Librarianship Book
Stone, Scott Euphonium recitals and library instruction : recitals as an alternative library instruction method 2011 Music Librarianship Article
Sugimoto, Casidy R. Evaluating reference transactions in academic music libraries 2008 Music Librarianship Article
Lyons, Tricia Evaluating the case for a virtual research environment for researchers of Irish composition 2012 Music Librarianship Article
Colvin, Jenny For your consideration : models for digital music distribution in libraries 2010 Music Librarianship Article